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Why sports insurance is a growth market

2018 has been an exceptionally good and memorable year for sports.  The most memorable was a World Cup that lived far beyond its usual promise, certainly for England fans. There've been more sports championships on offer and, more sports to watch.  Witness cycling’s ‘halo’ effect in the UK. As well as, higher profile coverage of [...]

Why sports insurance is a growth market2018-09-26T17:10:37+01:00

Forests can be insured

Forests were here a long time before humans.  And yet, it’s up to us to protect and maintain what are effectively, the most biodiverse and valuable ecosystems on the planet. We are Underwriters who specialise in specifying insurance products for forestry and tree crops throughout the world.  For us, it’s impossible to overlook the wide [...]

Forests can be insured2018-06-27T17:13:20+01:00
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